Transform and Heal the Pains of Inner and Outer Conflicts

·    Have you spent a lot of time in pain, trapped in conflicts -- pulled between wishes & needs, or between long & short term needs?

    Are you torn between the desire to control & the need to let go?

·    Are you confused about parts of yourself that you know & accept, and parts you don't  know & don't accept?

    Do you avoid conflict in your relationship with others?

The pains and confusions of inner and outer conflict can be healed.

Conflict is an inevitable and normal part of any relationship, including relationship with ourselves. To a large extent our western culture has conditioned us to fear rather than explore the essence of conflict. When conflict is embraced with respect and curiosity there is a potential to become empowered with a new voice. There is an invitation to become conscious of resources that support healthy relationships. Fear, aggression and potential violence can be transformed into resourcefulness and healing.

By accepting the coexistence of harmony and conflict, we can begin to stop the wars with conflict. By listening to the inner signals of the body we can bring creativity and vitalization into our lives. Moving conflict in these ways allows it to be perceived and experienced as a gift.

Creating freedom takes time and courage. It relies on heartfulness in order to sit in the fire of conflict and not be burned.

--  Arnold Mindell, Ph.D

Freedom is about active participation of all parts. Respect for diversity, including the potential for chaos, is what leads to healing. In order to free any system there is a need to know the system. In the learning process we need to take an embodied approach in order to transform the pain of conflict into a natural experience of growth and expansion.

  Embodiment is fundamental to the development of any aspect of a human being. Everything we do -- not only our movements, but also our sensations, thoughts, and feelings -- we do with our bodies.

                    --  Susan Aposhyan
         Body-Mind Psychotherapy

To develop the healing process, there is a need to develop deep inner democracy and rid the self of the dictatorship of the mind and its negative belief systems. This is not however, about creating another mind/body split, and denying the intelligence of the mind. It is about living and learning the process of intelligent integration of all parts.

Moving the body is a major key to the discovery of the inner world and the development of powerful resources. By creating an inner culture of nonjudgmental awareness and discernment, the integrated mind and body can move to a place of peace and health.

By making the invisible visible, we can begin to recognize the feelings at the heart of conflict. By moving with the characters and personalities involved, the energies that pull apart are befriended and integrated. Conflict can then be used as an opportunity to grow and heal.


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Last Updated 23rd May 2020